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Water and Gas Payments

We offer online payment options for water and gas.  You can find the payment links and guidelines for making a successful online payment below.

Online payments

We use square to process online credit card payments.  Please use your bill to correctly fill out your account number and determine the correct amount to pay.  If you are not sure about your total please call us.  

IMPORTANT: We are not liable if you receive a disconnect notice and do not call our office before making payment. Your services may be disconnected and will be subject to a reconnection fee. If you are disconnected, your account balance plus a reconnection fee will need to be paid in FULL before services are reconnected. If you are currently disconnected and make an online payment, your utilities WILL NOT be reconnected unless you contact our office to inform us of the payment. We allow up to 48 hours after we receive payment to reconnect any services.

You must be eighteen years of age or older to post a payment through our portal.
You must have your customer number from your bill. We cannot post your payment without it.
You will receive an email from our payment processor with details of the payment you make.
Payments will be posted to our billing system within two business days. Please bear in mind that holidays can affect when your payment is posted.
Once we post your payment it will show up as being posted on the date that you paid it.
We do not have access to credit card numbers or checking account information that you post into the payment portal. This information is kept secured by our payment processor.
We do not offer refunds for payments made unless our management staff can verify that the payment was made in error.  

Make a water payment at: 


Make a gas payment at: 

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