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About Us


The Guys 

Our operators, mechanics and field techs work very hard everyday to keep our wells, pumps, tanks and equipment operational. From their day to day responsibilities all the way up to being called out for emergency situations, they do a great job and enjoy their work. 

Arnold Walters - Certified Operator since 1978 (nearly 42 years)

Grandfathered into the wastewater certification.

It has been a passion for many years to serve our customer-owned system with quality and safe drinking water. I have always tried to put customers first. I have been happy to be a part of the growth of our system since not long after it began in the early 1960’s working as an employee before accepting the operator position. 

Mrs. Cindy - Meter Reader

In addition to reading meters she also locks accounts that are delinquent and replaces old registers when they go bad.  She also locks/unlocks meters when account holders move, or new customers sign up. She watches for anything that could indicate a problem such as leaks and loves doing her part of keeping the water system running smoothly.


The Office Ladies

From taking payments, to answering customer questions and keeping all accounts up to date, the ladies at SWA/SNDG handle it all like a well oiled machine. The day to day responsibilities far exceed what meets the eye and Mrs. Walters has expertly handled it all for many years before hiring additional help. 

Jason Gilbert - 
Certified Operator/System Manager 
Certified in water since 2010 and wastewater since 2018.

 I entered the utility business at 17 years old in 1998. I have had many people that I could say influenced me through the years, so it would be hard to name just one. I started out reading meters and fixing leaks. I have worked on the public utility side, the private contractor side as well as on the engineering side of the business. I have spent many years learning about every aspect of how to operate and smoothly run a successful system while making many life-long friends. I still enjoy my work even after many years.  I guess the old saying really is true, time flies when you are having fun.

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